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In a few weeks school will start.  Lately in the news there have been articles about just how important an Early Childhood Program can be to a child’s school readiness, preparation, and school success.  These articles brought back memories.  Years ago, I spoke before the Governor of Texas Select Committee on Education.  The late Mr. Ross Perot of Dallas was the chairman.  I first shared with the committee that we should have universal early childhood programs for all four and five year olds.  I went on to say that these programs could be very expensive, but the learning experience children would receive was necessary for young children to thrive and develop to their greatest potential.  We must allocate the resources and funds to schools to achieve that goal.  I was very emphatic to the committee that we owe our children the very best foundation we could afford.

The well-being of all children affects the future of our community.  When young children attend and enjoy a positive early childhood experience, they are better able to develop skills that will be beneficial to them throughout their school journey.

We have enough body of work to defend how effective the long-term benefits children receive from being enrolled in a high quality pre-kindergarten or kindergarten program.  An early childhood program allows children to gain confidence.  The learning environment is equipped with age appropriate materials and toys.  Here the foundation of early learning is instilled in a warm and caring environment designed for appropriate ages.

Children who attend early childhood programs are given opportunities to:

• enhance pre-reading and math skills

• be attentive and follow directions

• learn letters, numbers, and shapes

• develop social and emotional skills

• be taught a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate

• learn how to get along with their peers

• work in a structured and planned environment with highly trained teachers and groups of children where learning to share, taking turns, showing respect are a part of the daily routine

Young children are naturally curious and can be very observant…why not channel and provide these opportunities at this early age.

“The Effects of a High Quality  Early Childhood Program…  My Message To The Late Mr. Ross Perot” By Constance White

Get "HUNGRY" for education, because it leaves your mind "FULL" with learning new things.  Education is the key for success.  Education unlocks many doors of opportunities.  When these four students exercise their minds and strive for excellence in their classrooms, they are certain to have promising futures.

Nicola:  Why is it important for you to get a good education?

Kenneth, age 9: Education is important to me because I can have a good job, a good future, and become an intelligent person so I can help other people.

Nicola:  In 2021, you will accomplish your goal. Explain to the Community Press readers why your future looks brighter with a diploma in your hand.

Corbria, age 16: Getting a diploma will lead to a brighter future for me.  It will be a start of having more choices as I further my education.  A diploma will open doors to build my present and future.  My career goal is Business and Designing.

Nicola: What motivates you to not drop out of school? What advice would you give to students who want to give up on education?

Tyasia, age 17: When I graduate in 2020, I know I will have a successful future.  Receiving my diploma will help me with better opportunities in life.  No matter how hard it gets, never drop out of school.  Think about your future.

Nicola: If you had an opportunity to talk with freshmen college students, what tips would you give them?

Joseph, age 24:  Tip #1, Work hard because 4 years of academic commitment can translate into 40 years of professional success.  Tip #2, Embrace social and academic growth by meeting new people and challenging yourself academically.  Tip #3, Enjoy yourself because a truly complete collegiate experience includes the happiness of making friends, participating in extra-curricular activities, and having fun.  (Student at Belmont University College of Law)

A Math Problem:  Students + Diploma = Success!!

Ms. Nicola North is the niece of Joseph R. North, Esq.  Accident and Injury Cases, Negligent Security Cases. THE NORTH LAW FIRM, P.A., 14241 Metro Parkway, Suite 200, Fort Myers, Florida 33912. (239) 337-1191, (239) 337-5990 (Fax), (239) 464-5740 (Cell),  Reach him online at www.thenorthlaw firm.org.

“Get Hungry For Education” By Nicola North